Our ecosystems are numbered, and thats the number you kan use when you communicate with us about your order or have questions about a product. We deliver your order home to you in the LA area for $25, or you can "self pick it" up at Miracle Mile 90036 LA, free of charge. We can also deliver to Palm Springs and Southern California for $55.  Inquire about our other rates. We can not send ecosystem by mail. Any questions? Send us an email.

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It all starts with a container.

We are always scouting for different containers of all sort, and all the time. Sometimes we just stumble on supercool glass containers that are antique, or handmade in a local workshop. We use those to create unique and different ecosystems and terrariums.

If you have a container and want it to be turned in to an ecosystem, send us an email and we will give you an estemate.

We can also buld ecosystems and terrariums for your buisness, weddding gift, babyshower and more.  If you have the container well have the ideas!



As you can see above we have a few ecosystems who are built in uniqe jars, bottles, and containers. Everything from handblown glass, to vintage. When a cool jar/bottle/container i found, we fill it with green stuff and lots of love.

Do you want us to build you an ecosystem? For your hotel lobby, office, match your sofa, or maybe match your house? Let us know what you would like to have, and we go from there.


W build open terrariums as well, and terrariums that have a lid but migt need watering or an extra spray with the waterbottle. (Ecosystems are closed and take care of it self.) We can make everything from centerpieces to arrengements for a hotel lobby, restaurant or an office. We can also build terrariums and arrengements in your companys products. Challange us!

Every ecosystem is unique. We build them by hand with lots of green stuff and love.