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Do you want something decorative, beautiful, and very low-maintenance? A moltazdesigndecó ecosystem practically takes care of itself - the only things you'll need to do is water it once or twice a year, prune it once a year, and enjoy it every day!  You ecosystem will be a beautiful addition to your home, office, or a location were you want something interersting to be center of attention. Also very exciting for kids (and some adults) to watch it grow!

We can't send our ecosystems by mail, but we have "self pick up" at the "Miracle Mile" LA, and home delivery in Southern California. Inquire about our rates.

plants, soil, rocks, sand and other stuff.

NEW! A tiny, tiny, terrarium.

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plants, soil, rocks, sand and other stuff.

Handmade with care and love

Hand-crafted, and artfully created with love. Each ecosystem is unique with many combinations of plants, moss, soil, and rocks.

ecosystems for your home and office. Handmade with plants, soil, rocks, sand and other stuff.

Our ecosystems

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How does it work? Can i make my own? How do I care for it? How much light does the ecosystem need? 

We know, there are many questions, but we will certainly answer them all. You'll find a few shortcuts below - just click on "care & info" and we'll help you to get all the answers you need.

How long does it last?

An ecosystem last for years. One of the oldest we know about is about 40 years old.  The best thing is that you don't have to take care of it more then once a year, (if you want it to stay the way it is when you get the ecosystem.)

Growth & pruning

All the plants we use grow very slowly to startwith, the ficus is about 2 years old when we place in in it´s inviroment. You might have to prune the ecosystem once a year. 

More info about all systems

In the menu yoúll find everything about our ecosystems, and also how you can build your own. If therés something missing, just send us an email and wéll get back to you asap.

ecosystems for your home and office.
ecosystems for your home and office. Glass jar with ficus and moss.
ecosystems for your home and office.
ecosystems for your home and office.

Light and sunlight

Yes, the ecosystem needs sunlight, but not too much. A simple rule is to keep it 3 feet from the window, but the first month you need to keep an eya on it so you see whats going on.


It´s a small version of the nature. When the container is sealed shut it will take care of it self. The sun will help the plants create chlorophyll and produce oxygen so the plants can breathe. When water evaporates from the plants and moss, the water gather up in the top of the container. Small drops will fall down and water the plants. 

The cycle repeat it self, over and over again. An ecosystem can live for a long time. Today, what we know about, the oldest is about 40 years old. 


Do you want to be a retailer? Send us an email and wéll get back to you as soon as we can. 

We will only sell to one retailer in each district so your selection will be as unique as our ecosystems!  We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, and strive to support you however we are able.

"perfect for a hectic life"

With lots of work, kids and a houshold to run this couldn´t be better.

It takes care of it self, and the kids love to inspect it every week. 

We have three ecosystems now, and we love them!

Susanne W.  2020

"a fun gift"

We bought an ecosystem for ourselves, and also for our daughter who got married in February 2020. What a success! They love it as much as we do. Just a perfect gift that will last for a long time.

Tim & Mary L.  2020

"cool thing at the office"

We needed something cool thing for the office lounge area. Someting that we dont need to attend, something our costumers canfind interesting, and something that represent us as a company.

Thomas B. 2021


Ím lazy when it comes to flowers and plants. I love interior design, but cant keep a plant alive more then a couple of weeks. 

I got my ecosystem 2019 and íve only water it twice. It´s the best interior detail, it´s uniqe, and i dont have to do much with it. 

Kathy M.  2020

ficus microcarpa bonsai. ecosystems for your home and office.
fern for glass jag. ecosystems for your home and office.

We love green stuff...

It all started with a garden on an island in Sweden.  In Sweden we love everything about recyceling, nature and the environment. So i thought, why dont we make small ecosystems to teach children and grow-ups alike how nature works?  I´ve seen ecosystems before, in Paris, and i think its a fantastic way to educate, and make your home decorative and beautiful. We are bringing together our love for design, and nature.